How to Choose the Best Food for Puppies

Jun 05 , 2020

How to Choose the Best Food for Puppies

Choosing the best puppy food and feeding a puppy can be confusing. Besides knowing when to feed, hundreds of commercial puppy food choices are available, as well as home cooked puppy foods or even raw diets.

When choosing a commercial puppy food, it’s important to learn how to read pet food labels. If you decide to home-prepare food for your puppy—either cooked or raw—it’s vital to understand basic puppy nutrition. There are some basics that apply whether you home-cook, feed raw, or provide a commercial formulation.

Why “Puppy” Food?

An eight-week-old puppy needs about twice as many calories per day compared to an adult dog. Puppies require more protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients must be in the proper balance because too much or too little can cause problems. Commercial foods make this easy for you by preparing formulations specific to the needs of a growing puppy.

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