About Us

Our fur babies deserve the best nutrition

Dogs are man’s best friend, and for many of us, they’re like our children! At Dog’s Choice, we believe that dogs deserve to be nourished well and taken care of through the healthy and balanced meals that we provide.


Superior quality dog food delivered to your doorstep

Dog’s Choice carries only first-rate and high-quality dog food, treats and supplements. We sell brands like Dr. Clauder’s, Normerica VitaLifeDelicio and John’s Farms - brands with established credentials in pet nutrition globally. With our partnership with suppliers and delivery providers, we help our customers get access to these brands through convenient online shopping and door-to-door delivery. 


Your partner in taking care of your fur babies

We help ease your worries by ensuring that your dogs get only the best nutrition from trusted brands. As partners, we also provide tips, content and relevant information that can help you take care of your beloved pets. It is important to us that we’re able to support you in raising healthy, well-nourished and happy dogs through the products and services that we offer.