Singen Supplement BasiCare Paste for Cat 120g


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Singen Care BasiCare Paste ND5

  • Immunity
  • Full Nutrition
  • Energy

BasiCare Paste is the best nutritional supplement designed for cats. It is easy to absorb and administer due to the paste formula and the high palatability. It is recommended for weak, sick, growing, pregnant, lactating, senior, before and after vaccination, environment changes, or stressed cats. Vitamins and essential amino acids may be insufficient due to external or physiological conditions. BasiCare Paste supplies cats with vitamins and essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized in their bodies. The formula helps improve physiological function and regular immunity.

Nutritional Analysis
Crude Protein > 10%
Crude Fat > 10%
Moisture < 50%
Calories 457Kcal/100g

Direction for use

Put it on your fingertip. Take directly or with meals. (1 CM = 0.5g)

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